I am not interesting.

7 months and 1 week later….and I am still not interesting.

Today I woke up and decided to hop on my pogo stick all the way to my local natural foods store. There I took out my Macbook and began working on my novel I have worked on for 21 years, it’s absolutely brilliant….actually it’s SO brilliant that I taped a folder around my Macbook screen so no one would think to steal my brilliant ideas. I enjoyed a cup of tea that was from the bottom of a lake in Indonesia while munching on a bouquet of bean sprouts (SOMEONE needs to go on a diet!). After cynically watching girls walk by in UGG boots holding hands with boys wearing backwards baseball caps, I decided to go see that movie that no one has ever heard of because it’s at the local independent film theater. It was amazing because it had 50,000,000 deeper meanings that only I could understand and no one else. After the film, I met up with some friends and set the local burger king on fire because fat people suck and they do not need more fat on them. Now, I am writing in my blog about the intricate details of my day and I know you are just SO intrigued by my “I don’t care” attitude and my “I am full of ideas” whimsical expressions.

This is what I would have written if I were a hipster blogger but as I said before, I’m not interesting, and I mean it. This morning I woke up, took a shower, ate a sandwich, and I’ve been pretty much reading Reddit for most of the day. This is why I have not updated this thing in 7 months and 1 week…and probably why Nirav and John have complained about it. so there, I updated my blog….you can take “…has yet to be updated” off of your website now too, Peter.
See you again in another 7 months…


I need to actually post something..

I’ve started a blog, somewhat out of boredom…and mostly because John Martin and Nirav Patel would not stop pestering me about starting one.

This blog will serve no purpose. There will be no obvious theme, goal, or deadline. It will mostly just consist of random things I do, or think about. Mostly, it will not be very interesting, entertaining maybe, but not entirely interesting.

So, look at me. I’m a cool hipster blogger.